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the rest is history. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2 news. anger in the streets of the city's bayview district after san francisco police department shoot and kill a man on a city sidewalk. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello, i'm heather holmes. police are reviewing cell phone video that may back up officers' accounts of how they killed a man and that man wasn deed armed. the anonymous video posted on youtube shows the scene moments after police shot the 19-year- old man. here it is. you can see the large crowd that gathered near 3rd and
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oakdale along with several police officers roping off the area. if you look closely, there is some sort of shiny object. there it is in the lower right- hand corner of your screen. the person who posted the video says that is a gun and that someone in a hooded sweatshirt picked it up. later you can see a person wear a gray hoodie pick up something else and that appears to be a cell phone. ktvu's debora villalon joins us live from san francisco with the latest, debra. >> well, this incident ended here, but it actually started on 3rd street on that muni platform. when we brought you this story at 6:00 a young man was hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds. word came later he had died. video does suggest the gun was here. >> where is the gun? >> where is the gun? >> where is the bullet hole? >> where is the gun? aught rage was immediate after police chasing a 19-year-old
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man shot him, witnesses said in the back. >> as he was running he had his handses in the air and hit the ground. >> reporter: they detained the man burb say he ran almost a block with them on his heels. >> at this point we believe the suspect fired backwards at the officers. the officers returned fire in self-defense. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood didn't believe it. >> why? >> the investigationiss ongoing by homicide >> thises will to be a minute after the shootings. >> reporter: many who rushed him n-said there couldn't have been a gun. >> is he fully clothed and they are about to lift up his shirt and there is no gun present. >> reporter: at least one bullet was found near the start of the pursuit, not fired from a police weapon and within hours, the anonymous video popped up on youtube, showing
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not only the chaos of the shooting scene, but what the person who posted it claimed ors is a silver handgun lying about 20 feet from the mortally wounded teenager. officers searched the area for that weapon, in case someone picked it and discarded it, looking in shrubby and scouring rooftops. >> there were kids out here at the time of the shooting. >> reporter: neighbors faulted police for the rubbing gunbattle along a busy street, but -- >> the suspect fired first and you are absolutely right, he fired without any due regard for public safety. >> reporter: police are checking surveillance street 3rd street businesses, the bayview opera house is a good bet and as this shooting is reviewed, the two officers, uninjured, are on paid-leave, standard procedure. live in san francisco, debborra
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villalon ktvu channel 2 news. friends and family gathered to remember a young man shot to death at a hayward gas station. ktvu's patti lee is in hayward with detail obvious the man's strong connection to b.a.r.t. shooting victim oscar grant. >> reporter: friends continued to drop by the police where johntue was shot in the head and chest and it's become a candlelight vigil site. just over 24 hours after his death, a gathering to honor the life of a father of two young boys who lived with his mother and sister in newark. >> he was a great father. my brother wasn't supposed to go. we have got to get this solved. >> reporter: caldwell was shot to death while sitting in a car at this 76 station. disconcerting news to customers today. >> surprise that there was a
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shooting at 5:30 in the day. >> reporter: hayward police say because it was light there are several eyewitnesses, but no suspects in custody yet. caldwell's family tells me his growing profile might have made him a target. weigh as well-known of being a good friend of oscar grant. the two were together at b.a.r.t. station in 2009 when grant was shot to death. wald coyle and now his estate has a $5 million civil rights suit pending against bart. >> he has the plot next to oscars and they were good friends. they were friends in life and they will be friends in death. >> reporter: oscar grant's mother made those burial arrangements this afternoon and grant's family told me that achieved some degree of closure in regards to oscar, but caldwell's death has opened old wounds, palatei leave, ktvu
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channel 2 news. >> a san rafael man is in jail after being accused of threatening senator boxer. investigators tracked the messages back to 47-year-old kevin o'connell who was arrested at his home this morning. o'connell now faces one count of making criminal threats. oakland firefighters battled a three-alarm fire downtown. the fire was reported at west chester and 1th. 70 to 80 firefighters responded to the scene. fire crews say the location of the fire made it more difficult to fight. >> the heating/ventilation and air-conditioning in the area, pushed the smoke throughout the building and there is also a basement area we had a hard time locating and that took a lot of extra time and people to get in there and find it. >> there was no one inside the building rented to an educational facility. the damage was mostly contained to one office of the firefighters say they believe the cause of the fire was accidental, but it remains under investigation. in the south bay, fire
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crews say arching lines from a downed power pole sparked a fire along the monterey highway this afternoon. a minivan hit the power pole in morgan hill. emergency-responders say the four people in the van all suffered minor injuries. crews from santa clara county put out the countryial contra costa officials want to know who opened more than a dozen fire hydrants. fire officials say this is not a harmless prank. if hydrants are damaged, they could be unavailable in an emergency and flooding can cause accidents as well as property damage. the city of vallejo reached a dale deal with native- americans and will scaldown plans for a waterfront park. the agreement promises to end months of protests at the site in glen cove, which the tribes
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say contains a sacred burial ground. settle requires the band of pat win indians to agree. they tell the san francisco clonible that protesters will leave once they see the deal is. no arrests in a fatal shooting at the an east oakland apartment. officers were called to the apartment at the 9:30 and found a 25-year-old man from san leandro inside an apartment with gunshot wounds. he later died at highland hospital. police say the man's name will not be released until his relatives are notified. investigators are following several leads in the death of 21-year-old monica rodas. her burned body was found in oakland's rockridge neighborhood thursday. friends and family plan to hold a fundraiser at eastlake ymca for funeral costs and trust for
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her 3-year-old son. crews have began the next phase of construction in doyle drive. both directions were shut down about two hours ago. lanes are expected to re-open tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.. detours will be in place during the closures. it's all part of a plan to transform doyle drive into the presidio parkway. it appears to be traffic nightmare that la drivers turned out to be somewhat of a dream. a ten-mile stretch of 405 has been closed. transportation officials say their awareness campaign is keeping drivers away from the area and many are finding alternative ways to get around the west side of l.a.. coming up in about 15 minutes we'll have a live report and bring you up close to the construction project. pg&e says one of several security systems monitoring the grounds of the san onofre nuclear plant stopped working
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triggering a minor emergency. the utility says, "the unusual event was declared at around 6:15 this morning. the security system was restored within 45 minutes." pg&e says the failure was not related to [ music ]lar operations. after days of scandal and condemnation rupert murdoch says he is sorry. the media mogul issued a signed apology today. the fallout forced murdoch to close the paper and to give up his bid to acquire rival british broadcaster sky news. next week he faces a grilling by parliament. still stuck, debt talks continued in washington tonight, but there is no sign either side is about to compromise. that is in spite of repeated efforts by the president to
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leakate republicans and a possible white house meeting with congressional leaderrers tomorrow. molly henneberg with the latest. >> reporter: president obama says he is willing to compromise. in his weekly radio and internet address today the president argued that he is willing to include cuts or "reforms." >> to entitlements like social security and medicare, as part of the debt negotiations, which he says doesn't "make folks in my party too happy." he says that republicans should agree to certain tax hikes. the president is appealing to americans to back his plan of "shared sacrifice." >> we have to ask everyone to play their part, because we are all part of the same country. we're all in this together. so i have put things on the tain that are important to me and to democrats and i expect republican leaders to do the same. >> reporter: republicans say is the reason that u.s. has such a dent problem is flotbecause americans aren't paying enough in taxes, but because washington spends too much. >> the situation is only
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gotten worse after the obama administration in his first two years in officer. discretionary spending has skyrocketed by 84%. including the failed stimulus, with spending reaching 25% of our nation's economic output. we haven't seen spending levels this high since world war ii. >> reporter: republican house speaker joan boehner told the president repeatedly he does not have the votes to pass a debt-reduction package in the house which includes tax hikes and insisting that any increase in the debt ceiling is matchedded with equal spending cuts. molly henneberg, fox news. it's one of the roughest neighbors in the bay area and today it threw a party with the purpose and right towards the politicians. and game on, where you can watch tomorrow's women's world cup final on a big-screen with a few other soccer fans. run he had run, see who is behind the moment to get san
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francisco's mayor to run for the office in the upcoming election. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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when richmond's iron triangle neighborhood makes it into the news, it's usually not good. but tonight, we can show you something other than crime and violence from that community. ktvu's mike mibach reports. >> reporter: saturday morning,
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richmond's iron triangle. >> it's going to be a change. it's going to be a change in richmond. >> reporter: on this day at this park. >> we're trying to stop the violence and i with like to be part of that. >> reporter: a picnic, a party, all filled with music, basketball and richmond residents. this is the iron triangle picnic in the heart of one of the roughest neighbors in the bay area. >> we came together and decided to change the dynamics of this park to improve the conditions at that park to make a better place. >> so what is the point of this party other than turning up the music and have a good time? to drive loam a lesson to politicians that redevelopment money really works. >> this is basically like skid row. >> reporter: gaggan says the park and community center was transformed into a gym all due to about $5 million many redevelopment money. the idea was to combat violent crime, when he says has happened in this spot over last
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three years and two, to keep rebuilding outward. with the governor deciding to eliminate redevelopment funds across the state. >> for all the projects and plans we have to be on the horizon and to see the redevelopment money pulled back is very concerning. this is an example of what a community can do with that redevelopment money. >> reporter: while the money is not there, the spirit in the iron triangle, least on this day -- >> i feel great. >> reporter: is flying high. mick mibach ktvu channel 2 news. soccer fans in the bay area are invited to come together in san francisco tomorrow to watch the big game on the big-screen. just like earlier matches the women's world cup finals between the us and japan will be broadcast live at civic center plaza and all starts tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. this is america's best showing since its memorable run back in 1999. that ended with the us just beating china. well, we're getting new details on plan as to make the
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2013 america's cup race both clean and green. a draft environmental report recommends miles of fessing be put up to protect habitat in areas where thousands of spectators are likely to gather, such as crissy field and raises concerns about recreational boaters dumping sewage in san francisco bay. a public hearing is scheduled in august. an effort to stop a target store from opening in san rafael has fallen short. it's a story we have been following since april when the city approved plans to build the store on shoreline parkway. that is north of the richmond- san rafael bridge. they came up 32 signatures short of the 2832 needed to get a referendum on the november ballot. the group reportedly plans a new legal challenge. the trail for one of two sisters charged in estimation with a fire that killed their four small children is set to begin. the fire broke identity last
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april in a fairfield apartment. the elect licit in the apartment had been turned off. the two women are tried separatory with withlattisha james set to go to trial on wednesday, facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter and her sister shetarra james faces four charges of second-degree manslaughter environmental groups argued that logging the burned areas would alarm the black-backed woodpecker and other wildlife. a federal judge rejected the as a reminder. the forest service says 12,000 bird acreez will be left untreated as habitat for wildlife, including the woodpecker. the angora fire burned 3,000 acres and destroyed 250 hems. ed lee has said he will not run for san francisco mayor, but that is not stopping his supporters from making their own effort to get him the job.
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ktvu's christien kafton reports. >> reporter: members of run ed run walked the street in the heart of bayview, going from shop to shop, urging business leaders to support ed lee. >> we're getting in touch with the merchants, because ed lee has talked to the merchants and we're getting in touch with the merchants and encoring hem to encourage ed lee to run for mayor. >> reporter: ed lee has steadfastly said he would return to his former position as city administrator when he finishes his appointed term, but run ed run is saying he is the only candidate who can unify the city. >> we hope that he will be infected by this excitement and this momentum to come together with african-american community, the latino community and the asian community and the rest of the community. >> he has gone a great job in the community >> he says he appreciates that lee seems interested in what is going on in his neighborhood. >> i would like to sigh little more, but at least he is taking the initiative and steps to
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come out and to support the community. >> reporter: organizers of run ed run say that is one of the reasons that they support the former administrator and say he has already shown his commitment to the community. >> he has touch faced with the bayview and not many candidates have set foot in the bayview area. >> reporter: members have until august 12th to convince ed lee to change his mind, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of bay area foster teens celebrated their birthday. the bash in pleasant hills featured cake and gifts the foster a dream organization hosted the party to make sure that foster youth get recognized. >> they get to celebrate their birthday with their family and fans and forest youth don't have that privilege. so we bring the youth tot to celebrate their birthday and
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celebrate the holidays with them and that is what today is. >> besides today's bash they celebrate the career and academic exploration camp over the summer. carmageddon or karma- heaven, we'll take to you los angeles for the project that many fear wod cause a weekend of gridlock. see what brought some service members to tears. the fog has been cooling off the bay area. coming up i will show you where the fog will be first thing tomorrow morning and when 90- degree heat could return to the bay area forecast.
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transportation officials say both direction of the san mateo bridge will be shut down for two weekend sometime next year. plans are for a $10 million repair project. the bridge already went through some repairs in 1999, but inspectors have since found a
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crack in a 30-foot beam on the bridge and say that needs to be fixed permanently. a lesbian national guard member says she choked up today taking part in the san diego gay pride parade. they advertised their branch of service anne marched with american flags and rainbow banners. each branch of service was represented, including the coast guard. parade comes a day after the san francisco court reinstated the don't ask, don't tell on openly gay people serving in the military, but prohibited any investigation, penalties or discharges under the rule. the pentagon says the ban may be lifted within weeks. tonight a wolf woman faces felony charges of sexual abuse against a tsa agent. authorities say that while resisting is security at the
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phoenix airport yesterday, yukari mihamae grab the breast of the agent. neighbors in colorado says mihamae is a frequent traveler and that they are shocked at the arrest. and it may cost a bit more to head out on our summer getaway. several airlines announced that they are raising domestic fares, united, continental and delta say fares for domestic round-trip tickets are going up by $4 to $10. the last anytime the industry implemented this broad increase was back in airline. which cities are the worst dressed in the united states? and where does san francisco rank? you might be surprised. also new details about the iphone 5, the additions that could bring change to the smartphone market.
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within the last hour the florida woman found not guilty
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of her killing her 2-year-old daughter was freed from jail. we want to show you video of the casey anthony leaving jail just after 9:00 pacific time. the 24-year-old was reportedly afraid to be released because of death threats and as you can see, there were protesters as she was released. anthony spent three years in jail. she is being freed early for time-served and good behavior although acquitted in her daughter, caylee's death the j jury did find her guilty of lying to investigations. outside the orlando jail some protesters are angry that anthony was released. many are calling for a boycott of any media deals she might make, but others are urging the public to get over the verdict. anthony faces new legal challenges including a possible wrongful death suit from a man claiming to be caylee's daughter. general petraeus is scheduled to hand over command
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in afghanistan to marine lieutenant john allen. after 3 years in the military, general petraeus is retiring to take a civilian job as cia director. as for afghanistan, he warns of intense fighting the next 15 months before 33,000 us troops are scheduled to leave the country. in other news of the world tonight from libya there was fierce fighting between rebels and moammar gaddafi forces near the eastern city of port brega. gaddafi forces have placed hundreds ever land mines along the route approaching the town. at least ten rebels were killed fighting today. since last thursday at least 100 have been wounded, many by those land mines. from east africa, calls for help as the world health organization or who, says more than 10 million people are in desperate need of food assistance. who says a drought affecting
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ethiopia, somalia and kenya is the worst drought to ravage the area in 60 years and a thousand people aday are streaming into refugee camps. save the children says in the effected area in kenna, a quarter of the children are dangerly malnourishished. from india an amazing rescue saved a 4-year-old boy from almost concern caleb. as we bathing in the river with hissingle when flash floods hit. he was stranded on the rock and fell into the raging waters. there he goes. several villages jumped into the watered and carried him out. the boy was reported to be in stable condition after treatment. well, their story of survival captured the world's attention last year and all, but two of the chilean miners trammed underground are suing the government for negligient. the miners' lawyer claims that the government agency in charge of overseeing security standards inside the mine failed to ensure safe work
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environment. the student seeks compensation of half a million dollars for each miner. earlier this month 14 miners say they wanted to retire because they have not been able to overcome the physical and psychological effects of their 69-day entrapment underground. china lashed out at us after president obama met with the dalai lama at the white house. the president met with the nobel prize laureate for 45 minutes, praising him for embracing nonviolence. however, mr. obama reiterated that the us does not support independence for tibet. china accused the dalai lama of being a separatist, who supports the use of violence. the dalai lama says he seeks autonomy, not independence for tibet. earlier this year the dalai lama stepped down from his policy role and says he is only now the spiritual leader of the tibetans. republican hopeful ron paul is on the campaign trail.
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paul has been focused on the nation's growing deficit and says the debt ceiling should not be increased. fellow gop mitt romney show the former massachusetts governor has $12.7 million in cash reserves, that is three times more than his closest rival, congresswoman michele bachmann and the reports show that romney raised $18 million in the past three months. the feared carmageddon traffic jakjam has yet to materialize in los angeles. hal eisner with a close-up look at the construction project and joins us live from look. it's been smooth sailing. >> reporter: absolutely, some calling it carmaheaven instead of carmageddon. tabe a look at some of the work going on. it's so interesting to look at and i if any it's just
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construction work and heavy- duty equipment, but you never see this on our freeways in los angeles, where all the cars were told to go somewhere else. they have shut down ten miles of the freeway, all because they have widening the freeway and to widen the freeway, you have to widen the bridge. they are taken down the south half this weekend and next year they will take down the north half and we'll go through another 53-hour period. tomorrow they will be working on bringing two of those columns that you see that are holding up the bridge down. and then hopefully, if all goes well, we'll be done monday morning. , but it's really interesting. in los angeles, we're 24/7 city of cars on freeways all the time. you never could run across a freeway and not get hit by a car, there are so many. but today, we got to walk on the freeway as did other reporters and photographers. take a look. in all my years doing news in los angeles, i never had a
10:34 pm
chance to stand on the 405 freewayed. but look around me. the metro term and going well? >> very good. >> reporter: very good. see you heavy equipment on the mulholland bridge? >> this is going so far much better than expected, and i took a helicopter tour of the region this morning around noon, and traffic was far better than i could have ever anticipated. there was absolutely no backup anywhere. >> reporter: more like carmaheaven than carmageddon. >> i think l.a. motorists are turning carmageddon into carmaheaven, exactly that. >> reporter: all day long we watched the big jackhammers and all of the other equipment out
10:35 pm
here, pounding away at this mulholland bridge built back in 1959. we thought it would be pieces of concrete come down and wouldn't have much of a dynamic look to it at all. but the fact of the matter is watching showers of concrete come down and listening to a concerto of crushing concrete has been somewhat interesting. 4,000 tons of concrete being smashed way and dropped down onto a bed of dirt, so the freeway isn't damaged and not even halfway trouthe project, but the word from project directors is that things in los angeles are going well. reporting live from l.a., hal eisner, ktvu channel 2 news. qg magazine has ranked some of the worst dressed countries. coming in first place at boston for its lack of fashion sense. los angeles, where hall just was, coming in no. 2, followed by pittsburgh, pennsylvania, chicago, and
10:36 pm
probably most surprising, manhattan. yes, the fashion capital of the world, rounded up the top-five. as for san francisco, well it made the list of fashionably- challenged cities by landing at no. 20. curious about who else made the list? you can find the list -- a link to gq's 340 worst dress cros in america on click on "web link." >> in you wanted an iphone, but didn't want to switch cell phone companies, you won't have to wait much longer. apple's next generation iphone will run on all carriers. they report that the cares are beta-testing the new phones. as of yet no one is willing to say what new features that the iphone 5 will have. a warm-up may finally be on the way. our meteorologist mark tamayo tells us when it may arrive. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
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your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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well last sunday he was standing here talking about the calling trend that was about to move into the bay area well, it moved in and it's still here. not too much change with our weather pattern over the past few days. on live stormtracker, it there is that fog bank surging back into the bay with overcast towards san francisco, oakland, even concord reporting mostly cloudy skies and also gusty winds out there. a look at the buoy in the bay, winds gusting to 15 miles per hour and water temperatures in the 50s. he can tell tu that the winds are picking up, especially towards favored with gusts favored, fairfield, picking up
10:40 pm
to 25 miles per hour. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning, under some cloud cover out there and also some drizzle, snows you 50s towards santa rosa, fremont and san josi for tomorrow morning around 56 degrees. showing you bigger perspective around the country, big area of high pressure warm up thing in a's midsection of the bay area and, in fact, the west coast, some of the coolest temperatures in the forecast across the country for tomorrow, all because of this. an area of low pressure, a strong area of low pressure, not bringing us any rainfall, but keying the clouds in the forecast, the drizzle and with, that not much of a change in temperatures for tomorrow. things begin to change by wednesday and thursday as high pressure rebuilds. that will bring a little bit of a warming trend by thursday. warmest locations inland would be around the 90-degree mark. our forecast model tomorrow morning showing you the overcast and drizzle at 6:00.
10:41 pm
we'll put this into motion and still patchy fog for parts of san francisco partly sunny skies around the bay and more sunshine for the inland spots. here is your forecast beginning tomorrow morning at 7:00, 5 2- 57 freezing. by 12:00, patchy fog, temperatures in the 50s to 60s and eventual temperature range for most of the bay area, not much in the way of 70sth santa rosa, 75, fairfield in upper 70s and the warmest locations towards antioch and brentwood. san jose around 76 and san francisco on the cool side, bring the sweater with temperatures only in the lower 60s for tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast. these are all just microscopic changes. not mach of a change on tuesday and we gradually warm things up wednesday and thursday. in fact, by thursday, warmest locations could be around 90
10:42 pm
degrees towards concord and antioch. at least for tomorrow you might be donning a few drizzle drops with the clouds and cooler weather sticking around. >> it will be nice to see the sun again. >> it will come back. >> thank you, mark. earlier in the newscast we reported that pg&e was running the san onofre power planted which experienced a small emergency, california edison is the company that runs the san onofre plant. the weather turns nasty at the british open. and joe fonzi explains next in sportswrap.
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